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Winter e-session with Linda and Viktor

The ‘literally’ first e-session photo shooting of the year started quite adventurously but it turned out to be really fabular. Choosing the right date was not an easy matter, considering that it had to be geared to the time schedule of 4 people and the weather, so we chose 1st of January.

Dobogók? was the chosen location as we needed a place close to Budapest and where there was still snow – as there is no e-session photo shooting without snow :) We woke up late after New Year’s Eve and the packing and preparation procedures were a bit slower and as usual, every little thing came to our mind in the last minutes. We were pressed for time to arrive before the sun goes down and to be able to take some nice pictures. Thanks to our favourite traffic mobile application everything went good – if not better – as we planned. The application guided us to a shortcut, which is quite good in normal weather conditions, but after 300 meters we were forced to stop as the road was very slippery. Just as if it was ordered for us…. When we parked the car, we were welcomed by silence, a beautiful snowy landscape, a little bench and an animal feeder and for our greatest pleasure the snow began to fall. All in all everything came together to have a fabulous e-session shooting! :)

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