Bali through a photographer’s eyes

2014 was a very exciting and important year for us in many aspects. Me and my wife got married in that year in a way we always imagined: on a faraway island, just the two of us. The decision to have our wedding in Bali had been made already before the proposal. :) After some months of emailing and organisation, on the last day of April we started the most important trip of our life. After a short brake in Singapore we arrived to Bali. We felt it in the very first moments that the country is uncomparebly calmer and more peaceful than we expected. The place is a real asset for an average tourist, as well, however, as a photgrapher you can hardly stop taking photos all the time. A european eye is mesmerized by the endlessly colourful world of the balinese culture, however you don’t feel it slushy when it comes to the breathtaking sight of a chaple, a holy place or a simple house.


We had a short brake at the Gili islands, as well, however, after 3 nights we were wishing to go back to Bali as it was way too loud and crowded compared to the peaceful Island of Gods.


The best way to discover Bali is to hire a balinese driver who can take you wherever you want. As the petrol is extremely cheap they work for a daily price without km restriction. Our friends recommended Moyo and Komang, who took us to many “must see” tourist places, but to the hidden, hardly known places, as well.


Why is this post again relevant? It is said that whatever you wish in Bali will become reality if you make it truly and with faith. In May last year I made a wish to make a film here, which is something different from the ones you can find on the internet and which reflects the real spirit of the place in good quality. The “ask and it will be given” principle worked so quickly, that last summer one of my friends organising Bali trips asked me to make a film about one of his two week’s trips. Soon started everything to get in place: in October 2014 we bought the plane tickets and on 13 March 2015 I start off the big journey again. :) After first week’s shooting Ági is also coming, so one month before our first wedding anniversary we can spend there again 3 weeks together.


Check out some photos from 2014. Bali through a photographer’s eyes. On our previous website you could already see a sortiment, but this one is something more. Updated version will follow soon 😉


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