Balázs Lengyel – photo, film

People usually ask me when I first started to take photos. I was born into a photographer family, so I assisted in my father’s studio already as a little boy. That was the time when I learned the following: when the red light is on, don’t enter the dark room! :)

Initially I just assisted and payed attention, later I started to use the camera and the video camera even more. Professionally, I’ve been working as a photographer and cameraman for 10 years. At the beginning the only thing I knew – except excitement – was, that I don’t want to make boring and conventional pictures. Excitement was soon overwritten by routine, but my decision not to make ordinary images still hasn’t changed.

Report photography influenced me a lot, so if it’s possible, I’d like to avoid taking static, statuesque pictures. For me it is very important – let it come to any type of work – not to be only the photographer or the video guy, but to be “Balázs”, with whom you feel yourselves well! My experiences so far proved this and it’s good to work with people – let it be models, children, company partners or couples – who recognized that and chose me.


Ágota Szép – make up

As a photographer’s wife and make up artist I’m in the fortunate position that me and my husband form a good couple both in private life, and at work. When I started to make this dream of mine come true, my goal was not only to make other people look pretty and to show my creativity, but also to do it together with my husband by helping his work. I’m proud that I’ve learned the basics of this job from make-up artist Ági Horacsek, who is my absolute favourite both personally and professionally and to whom I’ll be grateful forever.

Working together with my husband inspires both of us and this has been also confirmed by our partners, customers and already married couples.

If you read these lines, you were more than likely inspired by our site. If so, your enquiry would be greatly welcome. :)