Wedding dress photo shoot

The title could have been: „How to choose your wedding dress?” The market is overloaded, and – like in every sector – there are unwritten laws which need to be taken into consideration in this respect, as well. You might not believe, however, as a photographer it is as much important to me which dress you choose, like when you first get on your dream wedding dress. The wedding dress pays a key role during the wedding photo shoot. The right cut or good shape are not enough, the material, quality, condition and elaboration of the dress says a lot about it already on the hanger.

You must have seen many wedding photos, where the dress had a blueish colouration, or when nothing could be seen from the dress, as it was shining, or – as we photographers say – the detail burned out. Of course a good photographer can solve these problems on the spot, or with time-consuming retouching works, however there are situations beyond recovery…

So should you buy, borrow or have your dress made, it is important to pay attention to the following: enough reference, know-how, professional experience, quality material and wedding dress trade-name. Be careful with online ordering!

Last year a new saloon was opened in Budapest, named Love Esküv?i Ruhaszalon, who welcome their brides during an open weekend on 31 January-1 February 2015. You can also meet us there on Saturday, where you can ask us any questions that you may have regarding wedding photo and make up. Last year lots of brides have already chosen the Love Saloon’s wedding dresses for both the bride’s and our pleasure. If you haven’t chosen your wedding dress as yet, we can warmly recommend the Love Saloon, as you can find here everything you need concerning wedding dresses and bridegroom suits: tailor made dresses and suits, details prepared with meticulous care, classic or outrageous styles.

We shouldn’t forget about the accessories, either. The veil, shoes, or jewelry of the bride are as important as the watch or the shoes of the grooms. These details pay a main role during the photo shoot whwn it comes to accessories, so it is not enogh to make a good shoot but to choose them fastidiously.

In this gallery you can find photos of some of our brides – without being exhaustive – who choose their dress – and also us – taking into consideration all important aspects.

Click photo to open gallery!

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