We have visited Norway in August, where we were mainly based in Oslo and Drammen. We spent there only 5 days, which is not enough to explore everything, but was good enough to fall in love with the secure feeling that Norway gives.

There’s no rush, no worrying… One thing is for sure: the continuous development and order, and the inimitable Scandinavian lifestyle.

Besides this they protect their historical memories and traditions very much. Firstly, they might seem to be a bit cold and they are not too loud as Italian or we, Hungarian people, but when the nightlife begins, Norwegians will show their other side… :)

We were lucky, as we experienced both: the placid, modern country and the entertaining, direct nation, too.

What we experienced during this trip came already to light in our previous blog post:

NORVÉGIA – Timi és Krisz

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