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Norway – Timi and Krisz

Timi and Krisztián are our ‘norwegian friends’ as we call them. Not because they were born there, but some years ago they moved to the northern country, where they live happily ever since. :)

 We visited them in the summer of 2014 and we combined the pleasant with a more pleasant…Although the country itself gives plenty of photo themes, with Timi’s organization there was a lot more to photograph. We took part on the celebration of the 20th of August at the Hungarian Embassy, there was a partnership meeting of the norwegian business of Konica Minolta on a fjord cruise, a few day long festival of Drammen called Elvefestival and using the opportunity that we were there, two couples asked us to make some e-session photos…

Herewith I show you some pictures of Timi and Krisz in Oslo.

Click image to open gallery!

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