Analogue – the first…

Ever since I can remember I see the world through lens. I tried so many type of cameras, but my big love was the Nikon F5. My favourite analogue camera.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to find such a camera, but the desire to work with this machine was continuous. Then, incidentally I found “Her” in one of my favourite shop, which sells used cameras. She was perfect, so I bought her without hesitation. I’ve bought a roll of black and white film – ILFORD hp5 plus 400. This was followed by the first walk “together” in the capital. 36 clicks and I was already waiting excited for the first pictures in the photo imaging lab.

Only people who worked (yet) with film knows how that feels. Let’s check some examples from the first roll….There will be more, I promise! :)

Click image to open gallery!

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